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Trust Your Social Media Marketing to the Experts

If you haven't been intentional and strategic about your business social media presence, you're already at least 3-6 years behind your competition. If you continue on this path, imagine what that might look like for your business in another 3-5 years.

If nothing changes, nothing changes... we can get you caught up!

The most successful companies work with experienced agencies to grow their social media presence and stay top of mind with their customers and prospects. They may do some posting internally, but the bulk of the work is typically executed by the agency.


Because employees come and go (sometimes on bad terms, doing bad things).

Protect your business and grow your presence with intent and consistency this year.

An experienced agency will give your business the RIGHT social presence for the best results and can protect you from potential copyright infringement issues, as well. It's scary to think of the number of businesses out there having employees execute their social media. Businesses are put at risk each and every day through the use of copyrighted materials on their social media channels by their employees. And don't even get us started on how many times we've received calls asking for help after a disgruntled employee destroys a business' social presence... it happens all the time.

No long term contract. Plans are month to month.
You've get nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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7 Reasons To Trust Your Social Presence to the Experts:

  1. We proactively work to grow your reach with the RIGHT audience.
    We execute page promotions and boosted posts on a consistent basis so your presence and social reach continues to grow throughout the life of the campaign. Everything post and promotion is highly targeted to reach the RIGHT audience for your business.

  2. Consistency and quality are key for TOP OF MIND presence.
    Your presence and engagement is consistent and professional. It's not 5 posts one day with a six week gap before the next. Top of mind means consistency and quality - that's what we do.

  3. Your business will STAND OUT as polished and professional above your competition.
    We professionally optimize and brand all images used in your social media campaign, giving your business a much more polished and professional look over your competitors.

  4. You'll have original, quality content that your customers and prospects want to see.
    All content is original. You can trust that it wasn’t copied and pasted from another source … protecting your business from possible copyright infringements and increasing customer engagement.

  5. SEO-friendly techniques are essential for TOP OF SEARCH presence.
    We execute social strategies with search engine optimization in mind. There are specific strategies and techniques that can make a significant difference on how your site ranks and what kind of site traffic you are receiving from your social efforts. Bold calls to action drive traffic to your website and blog posts, and great content drives interaction.

  6. Protect yourself from copyright infringements (and from disgruntled employees).
    If we aren’t using photos that you (or we) have personally taken, we purchase and use royalty-free images for your social media posts. This protects you from possible copyright infringement. You should never just use an image you found on Google. Too many businesses do this at their own peril. It's important that you own the rights to use the images you are posting. Agencies like ours pay a lot of money for subscriptions to royalty-free image libraries for use on social media posts. This is for your protection and it's worth its weight in gold.

  7. It’s cheaper than hiring someone internally to do it. 
    For what you pay an agency, you couldn’t hire someone internal to develop, write, and execute the level of social media content and social media engagement experts provide.