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Website Promotion

MSW Interactive Designs LLC provides search engine optimization packages to assist small businesses with improving their rankings in the major search engines.

Set Up Process

1. Keyword Set-up
Based on client suggestions and industry review, MSW Interactive Designs LLC will develop an initial keyword set for your website. We research popular search terms for your industry and review competing websites to fine-tune your keyword set. This helps us create an extremely relevant set of keywords that have an excellent chance of ranking well.

2. Website Optimization
Once the client approves the keyword list, we optimize the client website by either modifying existing pages or creating new content pages. We create highly specific and focused pages each keyword in the list to improve your chance of ranking well. We design for your site visitors while using proper search engine optimization techniques. These techniques include but are not limited to: title tag improvement, meta tag construction (proper order of tags and deletion of irrelevant tags), improved keyword density (keyword usage through out your page content in links, headings, and number of visible words on the page).

3. Website Promotion
We perform manual submissions to the free major internet search engines including AltaVista, AOL, Ask Jeeves, Google, MSN. This list is subject to change any time and does not include Pay per Click or Pay for Inclusion engines, such as OVerture and Yahoo. How frequently we submit your pages will depend on how well the site is ranking.

4. Results

NOTE: Results are NOT instantaneous
and they are not guaranteed.

Your website ranking on the first, second, or third page of any search engine depends on the number of competitors you have for the same search terms and how their sites are optimaized. Instant and guaranteed results are ONLY possible with pay-per-click engines, and even then someone can outbid you immediately and your ranking will drop. Any company guaranteeing search results should be looked at with skepticism, as no third party company has control over a search engine's ranking algorithm or another company's bid for top placement.

When can you expect results?
Three months is a reasonable expectation. Some search engines are slow to update their indexes and may take longer. Once your site is indexed we work to maintain those rankings or improve them where needed.

Monitoring Your Position
We monitor your website position every two weeks. You will receive a monthly report detailing your rankings with tracking of gains or losses in position.

Pricing Structure

Free Major Search Engines
Annual administration fee: $195

Monthly Monitoring & Reporting Fee
12 monthly payments of:

  • 10 Keywords/phrases $63.75
  • 20 Keywords/phrases $108.75
  • 30 Keywords/phrases $153.75
  • 40 Keywords/phrases $198.75
  • 50 Keywords/phrases $243.75

Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click Packages

1-Time Research Fee $200
MSW Interactive Designs LLC’s fees include a spreadsheet of no less than 50 and up to 100 search terms related to your website that are eligible for pay-per-click bidding. This information includes the current highest and second highest bid from Overture (the largest pay-per-click engine). High bids are subject to change; however, this information allows you to estimate bidding amounts needed for the #1 and #2 spots.

Set Up Fee
$25 per PPC engine, plus the separate fees charged by each individual engine or directory.

We are happy provide you with links to the recommended pay-per-click (PPC) search engines for you to setup your own accounts at no additional charge. Or, we will be happy to setup your PPC accounts for you at a rate of $25 per PPC engine. This $25 fee does not include the separate setup and bid fees charged by each PPC engine.

Current Major PPC Search Engines

Google Ad Words

Overture (owned by Yahoo)

Pay for inclusion & pay per click

Powers ask Jeeves


Pay for inclusion & PPC



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MSW Interactive Designs
Toll Free: 877-211-5492
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