Our Design Process

Our design process is rooted in solid instructional design principles and based on the well-known ADDIE model : Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate. We believe this process applies to any type of design, from the basic small business web site to complex training applications.

For most small business web sites we use a compacted ADDIE approach:

We work with clients all over the country, so most analysis is completed by telephone and email. We talk at length with our clients and ask them questions to reveal their goals for their web site We ask about their target audience and identify what action (or actions) the client wants the visitor to take while on their web site

We also ask the client to send us (via email, fax, or US Mail) "stuff" for the web site Client "stuff" includes components of their site, like a business logo, any previous marketing materials used, and photos and/or copy they think they'd like to see on the site.

While waiting on the client's site components, we begin on the design. Based on what we identified about the client's goals and their target audience, we find the fonts and images, determine a navigation scheme for the site, and work on designing the content of the site.

Development often parallels the design phase. We develop the visual elements of the site, write the HTML/Java Script/ASP code, develop any Flash or database components that may be needed, or develop the shopping cart elements if the client is selling products online.

In the first cycle of the process, all elements are placed in a private staging area online for the client to review.

In the second (or third...) cycle of the process, the files are moved to the live environment and the web site is available to the world!

In the first cycle of the process, the client reviews the site in the staging area and provides input. We then cycle through (usually in less detail) the process again, making adjustments to the design and/or code to incorporate the client's feedback.

Evaluation continues even AFTER the site is live. Our hosting plans includes free maintenance/updates and web site statistics, so the client can easily monitor the site, evaluate its effectiveness and request adjustments throughout the life of the site to continually improve it and meet the needs of their target audience.


Our goal is to make the design process incredibly easy on our clients.
Some clients come to us well versed in Internet technologies and know exactly what they want, while others know they need a web site but have no idea where to start and have no idea what they need.

We Create a Common Visual Online &
then Deconstruct it with the Client

We talk with our clients and build a prototype based on the conversation. We place the prototype in a private area online and then ask the client to review it. We find that it is easier for most clients to work from a visual online and then tell us what they like and what they don't like about it. We then take that feedback and adjust their prototype until they LOVE it! Most of the time, we get it right the first time with just minor adjustments ...
but if we don't, we rework it at no additional charge!

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