Our Philosophy

MSW-ID’s philosophy is not project-based, but rather client based. Our goal is not merely new business, but sustained and satisfied clients. MSW provides online business solutions and web marketing services to more than 400 small to medium sized businesses in a variety of industries including retail, service, real estate, food and beverage, military, manufacturing, and consulting.

Clients contact us to establish an effective Internet presence. Clients maintain their relationship with us, because our staff is accessible, our support and maintenance is ongoing, and our process is not intimidating.

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You Get a Practical, Functional, Effective, & Professional Product

When it comes to design, whether it be for a simple website or for a full-blown web-based training application, our philosophy doesn't change. We believe the product should meet the stated goals/objectives, while being functional/usable and having a professional design targeted at its own unique audience. We don't apply "cool" technologies and database solutions to every project simply because we can. Rather, we make recommendations to each and every client based on their target audience and the goals/objectives of their website or application.

Frankly, most small businesses should NOT have a 100% Flash website and they DO NOT need a database backend. Many web design firms try sell these solutions to ALL their clients, but not MSW. We feel it is important to educate our clients about what is needed and what is not needed to help them make smarter, more affordable, and more effective decisions about their websites and other Internet needs.

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You Get to Know Our Team by First Name

We are a high tech company that believes in old-fashioned customer service. We encourage clients to call us and to email our team with questions - anytime.

We don't believe in just building your site and then sending you off into cyberspace to find your own way. Most of our design clients host their sites with us, because we include ongoing maintenance/updates with our web hosting packages to support and grow your business with your new website.

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