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May 2005

Web Sites Edits
Priorities and Timelines

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By Gretchen Sherrill
Director of Business Development

Changes and updates are necessary for a successful web site and online presence. Keeping contact information up-to-date is business essential.


MSW Interactive Designs LLC provides web updates free of charge to our web design and hosting clients, as well as advertising updates to our wedding portal clients. This is a unique service offering in our industry and many of competitors think we're nuts! We believe this service is critical to the success of your web site or your online advertising campaign.

We would like to review the web site and ad update process to remind you that it is available and to let you know how long you can expect an edit request edit to take.

What constitutes an update?
Web site updates are changes made to existing content on your website. Examples include: contact information, calendar listings, replacing an existing image, (does not apply to pop-ups or ecommerce sites), or editing text and prices.

Advertising updates are edits to contact information and/or edits the ad banner graphic. We request that you limit changes to your ad banner graphic to quarterly.

Change Priority
MSW Interactive Designs LLC provides web site and advertising services to nearly 400 clients nationwide. In order to complete changes in an organized and timely manner for all clients, certain edits take priority over others. We work diligently to complete all changes as soon as possible. However, when we are inundated with multiple changes at one time, we use the following priority guide:

Critical Updates:
1-2 business days: includes contact information such as phone numbers, email, web addresses, pricing errors, etc.

Calendar Updates & Seasonal Updates:
2-3 business days : calendar and event schedules, seasonal/annual price changes, specials

Non-Critical Updates:
3-4 business days : adding new images and textual edits
4-5 business days : ad banner graphical edits

Clients with Past Due Balances:
Any client requesting an edit with a past due balance on their account will automatically move to the bottom of the priority list, regardless of the type of edit. Edits will not be completed for accounts more than 30 days past due until the account is brought current.

If you need an edit completed outside the outlined schedule, we will be happy to accommodate the change, however Rush Fees may apply. Rush fees start at $35 per hour with a 1-hour minimum charge. Please contact us regarding edits requiring RUSH work. If your required edits can be completed in accordance with the schedule above, simply send them over and we will be happy to complete them for you at no charge.

Note: changes to the look and feel of a web site, layout, or requesting all new content on a page is not considered an edit. This is new design work and fees may apply. MSW Interactive Designs LLC reserves the right to determine what constitutes and edit and what does not.

Your cooperation with and understanding of the priority list outlined above, helps us serve all clients in the best and most timely manner possible. Free edits to help keep your web site current and successful for your business. We encourage you to take advantage of this great service!

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