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The Lowdown on eLeads

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This is a first of in our new FAQ column for eLeads, covering technical issues, suggestions, and responding to prospective clients.

We get similar questions from many clients, so we thought it would make sense to publish them with the answers for the benefit of all.

  1. I haven’t received an eLead in 3 weeks. Did you stop sending them?

    We monitor eLeads daily from our wedding portals for issues or problems and correct them immediately if they are discovered. Although the volume of eLeads may vary with the wedding planning seasons, if your business has not received leads over a period of two or three days, it could be that none came in, but it is more likely that they may be being blocked by a SPAM filter on your system or by your ISP.

    Don’t let eLeads get lost! Call us or email us if you have gone more than a couple of days without leads. Please don't wait 3 weeks! We will work with you to get those E-Leads racing into your mailbox again.

  2. I am listed on your wedding sites in South Florida (, and with the 3-sites-for-1 deal. I get a lot of eLeads from but not as many from and Why?

    In the markets where we offer 3-for-1 or 2-for-1 specials, we group nearby locales together to cover a broader market in the area. While the sites all get similar traffic, when we run ads promoting the sites we select one in the group as the MAIN site for the ad. So in the South Florida region, for example, we run the ad with a primary site like and then in smaller print it may say, "also visit and" We usually select the area with nest name recognition as the primary site for ads and search engine marketing campaigns. With one site being the primary site in our advertising, MOST brides will enter the market through that site first, hence the larger number of eLeads from the site. They then may navigate to the other two sites (since all sites are linked) having already completed the eLead form on the main site in the ad.

    In the 3-for-1 or 2-for-1 markets, the wedding sites are identical and the advertiser positions are identical, so it makes little difference which site the bride enters first. The eLead form includes a field for the birde to specify the actual location of her wedding, if she has selected it, so you can glean that information from there. If she has not provided it, you might consider contacting her and offering your expertise along with some great ideas for ceremony and reception locations!

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